We’ve built some great relationships with our clients over the years but don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of them have to say about us:

Restormel are a valuable and trusted supplier with whom we have developed a very close mutually beneficial relationship.

We have found Restormel to be flexible to our demands, needs and a competitive source for a range of machined plastic and metal components.

They are knowledgeable and eager to be involved from the early stages of new product design and helped us streamline certain product ranges by adding additional process capability.

We are always pleased to include Restormel in outgoing tenders. What we really like about Restormel is their openness, willingness and attention to detail.

We hope to continue to build a long lasting partnership as the quality of the product is great, just what our customers are looking for.

Purchasing Manager - Leading Anti Static Solution Company

Restormel are a very capable, experienced, well equipped, and competitive engineering sub-contractor, for small, medium and large batch milling and turning jobs in a variety of materials, both metals and plastics.


They are capable of delivering multiple, quality parts to tight schedules at competitive prices, but also flexible enough and willing to go the extra mile and provide parts at short notice when required, in addition they often  offer solutions for difficult to machine parts and engineering problems that many other sub-contractors are not willing to take on and solve.


We have worked together to achieve a close working relationship, and have grown successfully together.  Restormel have made the difficult transition from a family run concern with several critical key personnel spreading themselves thinly, to a more considered planned business.  They have employed additional staff in new key roles, enabling them to better plan their manufacturing and better assure their quality, making them a local company more than capable of competing successfully in a National, and International market place.”

Purchasing Coordinator - Leading Supplier of Security Devices

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