CNC Turning & Milling


Our CNC turning department is full of highly accurate, modern machine tools with a large  capacity. Our flagship models include; a fully featured mill-turn Goodway GS bar fed mill-turn with 4000rpm main and live tooling spindle speeds and a 63mm bar capacity. This heavy duty mill-turn isn’t just a lathe with milling capacity; but more a fully featured mill with the advantage of bar fed operation and sub spindle machining capabilities that can eliminate second operations.

 Our latest addition, a 9-axis sliding head Citizen L32 that can accept 38mm and machine with live tooling at any conceivable angle is capable of running on bar-fed continuous production runs holding incredible levels of accuracy

 In addition to the above we also have a full range of both sliding and fixed head complimentary machining capability that grant us a large machining capacity.


XYZ provide the majority of our milling capabilities, with our stand-out machine being a fully featured 710 5-axis VMC with a high speed 12,000 rpm spindle and a Lehman bed mounted unit giving another two axes of movement.

 We have a large amount of 3 / 4  axis capacity in the form of another six modern highly accurate VMC’s running the latest in Siemens conversational controls and augmented with CAD/CAM software to give G-code output for more complex programming.

 In addition to the latest machine tool technology, Restormel are proud to showcase the abilities of our highly skilled machinists that will be able to transform your prints to parts at the highest quality and best price point possible in a variety of different materials. With 30 years of experience across a massive range of materials and different sectors we’re capable of handling a huge variety of different jobs.

We are focused on delivering Precision – Quality – Reliability to our varied portfolio of customers.

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